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06-14-2015, 04:09 AM
All items are guaranteed 100% authentic, So be confident when you buy from us.

We offer a one week return policy for any one that wants to return the item for any reason

We just ask to return in the same condition and have the Receipt still attached.

Full refund.we are responsible for the shipping costs

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Delivery time To any location is 3 to 4 working days

No Delays, no custom tax, we ship to your Doorstep

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Pioneer DJM 900NXS Black $1000
Pioneer DJM 850 K Black $900
Pioneer DJM 900NXS M $1,500
Pioneer DJM 2000NXS $1,800
Pioneer DJM 900SRT $1,500
Pioneer DJM 850 S $1000
Pioneer DJM 850 W $1000
Pioneer DJM 750 K $600
Pioneer DJM DJM 750 S $650

Pioneer DDJ SZ DJ Controller $1,400
Pioneer DDJ SZ N Controller $1,500
Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS black $1,300
Pioneer XDJ RX DJ System $1000
Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS-M $ 1,900
Pioneer CDJ 850 K Black $599
Pioneer XDJ 1000 $600
Pioneer CDJ 900NXS $900
Pioneer CDJ 850 W $599

Pioneer Studio Monitor RM-07 $400
Pioneer Studio Monitor RM-05 $350
Pioneer RMX 1000 $500
Pioneer RMX 1000 M $550
Pioneer RMX 1000 W $550
Pioneer PLX 1000 $470